Common Queries

Warranty Procedures

If you have a product which is defective please follow the procedure as below:

  1. Ensure that the product is defective before sending it back to Gocomp as a product found not defective by Gocomp will incur a labour charge of $35 plus gst.

  2. All warranties are back to base. Defective items must be brought back to Gocomp point of purchase. Repaired / replaced items will need to be picked up from the same point of purchase.
    If you wish to have any warranty item shipped back to you please arrange to pay the shipping charges as mentioned on the shipping costs page.

  3. Request a blank warranty form or download it from the website. You can get it by clicking on the link here. Complete the form along with correct invoice number for the item, serial number and complete defect information and fax back to us at 07 3722 5199

  4. We shall contact you within two working days to inform you about the confirmation to send back the items to us. Please note that many items are covered by the manufacturer for warranty on your site. Eg. Many brands of Notebook Computers, LCD Monitors etc. are covered under on-site warranty by the manufacturer.

  5. You may not need to send these items back to us for repair.

    Hence it may be a good idea to check with us before you plan to ship back any item.

  6. We will contact you when your product is ready to be picked up after repair. Any warranty items not picked up by customer may be shipped back to you via Australia Post COD freight collect.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

All products sold by Gocomp are covered by a one-year back to base manufacturer warranty unless specifically mentioned on the website for the particular item or on the item sales invoice.

Gocomp is a reseller for various manufacturers and items found defective under warranty are sent to the respective manufacturers for requisite service. Items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the respective manufacturer. Products discontinued by manufacturers shall be upgraded to a similar product.

Gocomp is fully responsible for the warranty on items that are sold by us. In case of any issue with the manufacturer's warranty we shall be fully responsible and Gocomp will provide the suitable satisfactory solution for our customers.

We Confirm that Gocomp will honour the customer's statutory rights under Australian law at all times.

Warranty Turnaround Times

When we receive an item for warranty at first we test the same in our workshop. If it is found defective we must send it to the manufacturer of the item for repair. The entire process is time consuming and it may take a week just to get the product to the manufacturerís repair centre and before we can give you a positive answer on your defective item. We shall try our best to speed up the process however please note that in no case can we provide credit or refund for a defective item under warranty. Neither can we provide an advance replacement for any defective item brought to us under warranty.

If you plan to be using equipment for a mission critical task, running a business or any other process which requires immediate replacement of defective parts please consider purchasing from a source which offers you instant replacement service. Unfortunately with the way our business is structured we cannot offer this type of service.

Products not Covered Under Warranty

Any products found to be physically damaged or mishandled or electrically or physically damaged due to improper installation, products modified in any way or tampered or damaged due to improper voltage or electrical short-circuit etc. will not be covered under warranty.

Warranty will be avoid on any product found damaged due to shipping. It is the customerís responsibility to ensure that the items are packed sufficiently to avoid damage.

Data Content And Data Security

Gocomp is not responsible for any data content on any product sent back to us. We shall not be responsible in any way for backing up customerís data or protecting customerís data. Any data present on any equipment sent back to Gocomp may be destroyed and may be compromised to public due to no fault of ours.

It is your responsibility to back up all data from Hard Drives, Flash drives and memory cards or any other form of data present on equipment being sent back to us.

All data should be removed from equipment being sent back to us and equipment must be wiped clean and free of customer data. We shall not be responsible for any data on this equipment. If your data is sensitive or confidential please seek independent professional advice on how to remove data completely from the equipment.