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Power Cables
Astrotek FAN-3PIN-X, 3 Pins Case Fan Cable 20cm, 1 Year Wty $2.20
Astrotek AT-FAN-3PIN, Fan Power Cable 20cm - 2x3pin Male to 3 pins Female - for Computer PC Cooler Extensio... ask
8ware RC-5049-Molex to 3-Pin Fan Power Cable $2.64
8ware RC-5082, Molex Power Splitter Cable 1 x Molex F to 2 x SATA III 15Pin - 15CM $3.58
8ware RC-3078C7-OEM, 2 Core Light Duty Appliance Power Cable OEM Pack (Appliance -Wall) ask
8ware RC-5048, Molex Pentium Fan Cable, 1 x Molex Female into 1 x 2-pin Fan Power, 15cm ask
8ware RC-5052, Molex Serial ATA Power Cable Converter 12cm $4.40
8ware RC-3078AU, Power Cable (Wall - PC 240V) 1.8m ask
8ware RC-3080, Power Cable Extension IECM - IECF PC to Monitor 1.8m, 1 Year $4.95
8ware RC-5081, Molex Power Splitter Cable 1 x Molex F to 1xSATA III 15Pin & 1 x Molex M 15cm ask
8ware RC-3084AU-010, Power Cable from 3-Pin AU Male to IEC C5 Female plug in 1m ask
Molex Power Splitter Cable 2 x 5.25"F - 1 x 5.25"M 30cm $5.00
8ware RC-5055, Molex to SATA Power + Data Cable (7Pin + 15Pin Y) 15cm, Combined SATA Data & Power Female Co... ask
8ware RC-3078C7, 2 Core Light Duty Appliance Power Cable (Appliance -Wall) $5.50
8ware RC-5038, Power Splitter Cable 1X5.25'M - 2X5.25'F/1X3.5'F 30cm, 1 x Molex Male into 2 x Molex Female ... ask
8ware SS-PW2MA, SATA Power 15-Pin Input to Molex 4-Pin Output Adapter ask
3-Pin Cloverleaf Power Cord - 0.5m ask
8ware RC-5084, SATA Power Splitter Cable 1 x 15 pin M - 2 x 15 pin F 15cm $6.05
8ware RC-3081, 3 Pin Main Plug to 2 X IEC Female Connectors 2m, For Wall To 1 PC & 1 Monitor $6.05
Generic RC-5051, 3-Pin Fan Power Splitter Cable 1F-2M, 0.15 M ask
Generic RC-3080-010, Power Cable Extension IEC-C14 Male - IEC-C13 Female PC to Monitor 1meter $7.00
8ware RC-P20P24, ATX 20 Pin PSU to 24 Pin M/B Cable Adapter 20cm ask
3-Pin Cloverleaf Power Cord - 1.5m $7.90
8ware RC-3078C5-OEM, 3 Core Light Duty Power Cable 2m ask
8ware ATX-PS24EXT, ATX Power Supply Extension Cable 24 Pin 25cm, 1 Year ask
BitFenix Sleeved 8-Pin EPS 12V Extension Cable for Motherboard , 45CM, GREEN/BLACK ask
Alogic MF-AUS3P2C13-02 - 2m Aus 3 Mains Plug to 2 X IEC C13 Y Splitter Cable - Male to 2 X Female Cable ask
Generic 4-pin to 8-pin CPU power adapters ask
BitFenix Sleeved Power Cable [BF-7V-M3FANKK], 7V, 20CM,1x 4-Pin Male Molex to 3x 3-Pin Male for Case FAN, B... ask
Targus ACC974USZ, 1.8m Power Cable For ACP71AU, Connects From The Dock To The Interchangeable Power Tips ask
Molex to 4 Pin CPU Converter $11.00
3-Pin Standard Power Cord $11.00
24-Pin PSU Extension Cable - 25cm $11.00
Silverstone CP06 SATA Power Connector with Power Satabilizing Capacitors, Supports Up to Four SATA Devices ask
8ware RC-3083, IEC C14 to AU Mains Socket 1.5m, 1 Year $13.42
3-Pin Standard Power Cord - 5m ask
Bitfenix BF-SPL-FAN60RB, 3-Pin Fan Power Splitter, 1x 3-Pin Male to 3x Female 3-Pin, 60CM, RED/BLACK, 1 Yea... ask
Bitfenix BFA-MSC-8EPS45KK-RP, 45cm Sleeved 8pin EPS Extension Cable, Black ask
Thermaltake AC-009-CN3NAN-PR, Individually Sleeved 20+4Pin ATX Cable Red, 600M, Compatible: Toughpower Gr... ask
Thermaltake AC-010-CN3NAN-PR, 4+4Pin CPU Cable Sleeved-Red, ATX cable, 600M, Compatible: Toughpower Grand S... ask
8ware RC-3083, 3 Core Power Cord with Mains Socket to IEC-C14 Male- 15cm, Black ask