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PCI Cards
TP-Link Low profile bracket For TG-3468 $2.31
TP-Link TL-LPB-WN751ND, Low profile bracket Low Profile For TL-WN751ND ask
TP-Link Low profile bracket Low Profile For TL-WN881ND $3.30
Sunix USB1074NC, PCI 5-Port USB 2.0 Card (4 Ext, 1 Int) NEC Chip ask
Sunix PCI-1394M, FWA3010G IEEE 1394A PCI Card 3 External and 1 Internal Connector ask
Sunix PAR5008A, Single Parallel Port IO Card PCI ask
Sunix SER4037A, 2 Port Universal PCI 2-Port Serial RS-232 Card, Supported Win/Linux, 1 Year ask
Welland ME-UP314C, Turbo Leopard UP-314C 4-Ports USB3.0 PCI-E 2.0 Card, NEC Chipset, 1 Year ask
Sunix PAR5018A, PCI 2-Port Parallel IEEE1284 Card, 1 Year ask
Skymaster E1310, PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Card, 1 Year ask
StarTech PEXUSB3S23, 2 Port PCI Express PCIe USB 3.0 Controller Card w SATA Power, USB Adapter, 1 Year ask
Sunix SATA2100, PCI-SATA-2P Dual Internal Serial ATA PCI Card, 1 Year $37.00
Welland ME-UP3123, Turbo Leopard UP-312-3 2-Port USB-A & USB-C PCI-E 2.0 Card w/Extra Low-Profile Bracket ask
StarTech PEX1394A2V, 2 Port 1394a PCI Express FireWire Card - PCIe FireWire Adapter - 1394a FireWire PCI Ex... ask
StarTech PEX1P, 1 Port PCI Express Dual Profile Parallel Adapter Card - SPP/EPP/ECP- 2x DB25 IEEE 1284 PCIe... ask
Sunix SUN-SATA2600, SATA2600 PCIE SATA 3.0 Card - 2 Internal Ports, 1 Year ask
StarTech PCI1P_LP, 1 Port Low Profile PCI Parallel Adapter Card, Data Transfer-1.5Mbps, 2 Years ask
Sunix SUN-USB2312, USB3.1 Enhanced SuperSpeed Dual ports PCI Express Host Card with USB-A, 1 Year $59.00
Sunix SUN-PAR5418AL, PCIE 2-Port Parallel IEEE1284 Card - Low Profile, 1 Year ask
Sunix MIO6479AL PCIE 2-port Serial RS-232 & 1-port Parallel IEEE1284 Card - Low Profille $67.10
StarTech PEX2S553, 2 Port Native PCI Express RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16550 UART ask
Sunix SER6437AL, 2-Port Serial RS-232 Low Profile Card (DB9M), Supported Win/Linux/DOS, 1 Year ask
Sunix SER5056A PCI 4-Port Serial RS-232 Card ask
StarTech PEX1394B3, 3 Port 2b 1a 1394 PCI Express FireWire Card Adapter - 1394 FW PCIe FireWire 800 / 400 C... ask
Sunix PCIE-U25, PCI Express USB 2.0 Card 4 External + 1 Internal Port (USB4414N) ask
Sunix SER6456A PCIE 4-Port Serial RS-232 Card ask
StarTech ST10000SPEX, 1 Port PCI Express 10 Gigabit Ethernet Network Card - PCIe x4 10Gb NIC - 802.3an 10GB... ask