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Payment Methods

Credit Cards

Gocomp accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Credit card payment can be only be made in store in person or by faxed orders.For orders over $500 please send a copy of your driving license. Click here to download the Credit Card Payment Form.
Credit Card Fee: We have 3% Credit Card Fee on VISA and Master Cards. For American Express Cards we have a 3.5% Credit Card fee.

Pay it at Post

Customers can choose to pay for their order at any Australia Post Outlet. This is an excellent option for customers who do not have credit cards, are concerned about entering their credit details on the internet. It is also a cost benefit for those customers who have purchased money orders in the past. At the checkout, just select the option, and your order will automatically be issued with a unique barcode and reference number. All you then have to do is print this page, or record the number and present it at your nearest Australia Post Outlet for payment. On payment, the order will be shipped the next day. It is that easy!


If you have access to internet or phone banking, why not use BPAY to pay your bills, Gocomp receives a file from the bank each morning telling us of all the completed transactions that have occurred in the last 24 hours. On receipt of this payment, the order is processed and dispatched.

Fax/Post Order Form

As some people may not have Internet access or prefer not to enter credit card details on the Internet, they may elect to fax or post their order. Please print our order form and complete with details. If you have a relative or friend who does not have a computer and may want to purchase from us, please give them a copy of our form.

Download Order Form: Gocomp_order_form.doc

Orders should be faxed to: 07-3722 5199